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BossCraft Network

This server is closed.
BossCraft Network is a server for modern Minecraft with classic minigames such as Paintball and Spleef. We also have Factions Survival and a really cool open hub that's part of the Factions world that has shortcuts to all the minigames and a bunch of little fun stuff. Note, this server is closed and probably won't come back. Sorry!

BossCraft Beta

This server is offline. BCB is running Beta 1.6.6 with CraftBukkit 823. IP is
BossCraft Beta is a survival server for the old Beta 1.6.6. It's just survival with only a few plugins.

BossCraft Freebuild

This server is online. BCF is running Classic 0.30_01. Server can be found here
BossCraft Freebuild is the first real Classic server for Classic 0.30 in a long time. The server software is 100% vanilla, and the client required for it is also 100% vanilla. If you want to join, you need RetroCraft which can be found here

RePlay Online

This server is offline. RPO is not running yet. IP is
Minecraft RePlay was my series where I went through every version of Minecraft. This is the server version where I'll update it every week!